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Qigong of the Center-Essence of Taijiquan

Summary: This book covers the taijiquan tradition. In the introduction, I introduce fundamental concepts as I relate myown personal history of involvement in these arts.

In Part 1 of the book, I present the essential practice of standing meditation as taught by my teacher, Master Cai Song Fang. The principal objects of mindfulness of this practice are the centerpoint and centerline of the human body in order to realign its structure.

In Part 2 of the book, I first describe the nature of movement of the centerline structure by the foundation of the legs from the point of view of the economy of movement. Secondly, I show how the arms act as extension of the human cylinder to give it a spherical structure resulting an increased understanding of the inner structure of natural movement.

In Part 3 of the book, I explore the concepts of stillness and movement developed in parts 1 and 2 and to how they apply to the theory and practice of martial arts in both offensive and defensive strategies.

Table of Contents:

PART 1 -BEING MINDFUL OF THE CENTER How to Cultivate Relaxation and Integration for Health
Chapter 1 -Cultivating The Center Point

Historical And Philosophical Notes 1
The Geography Of The Lower Torso 8
Wuji Center As Center Of Gravity 12
Wuji Center As Biological Center 14
Wuji Center As Center Of Awareness 16
Chapter 2 -Cultivating The CenterLine
Sinking the Qi and Raising the Spirit 21
The Foundation 23
The Upper Torso 27
Advanced Standing & Closing Practice 31
Chapter 3 -Wuji Qigong As Healing Art
The Chinese View 37
Questions and Answers 40
Thoughts On The Breath & Breathing 51
A Western Rationale 57

How to Cultivate Relaxation and Integration for Martial Arts
Chapter 4 -Cultivating The Foundation
Archer Step 67
Shifting 73
Rotating (Opening and Closing) 78
Stepping And Walking Forward. 85
Stepping And Walking Backward 89
Chapter 5 -Cultivating The Sphere
Structure & Types of Spheres 95
Vertical Circle 98
Horizontal Circle 105
Diagonal Circling 109
Circling With Folding-Extending 111
Stages Of Practice 113
Chapter 6 -Combining CenterLine, Foundation And Sphere
Threading The Nine Pearls, Continued 117
Grasping The Bird's Tail Sequence 121
Master Cai's Grasping The Bird's Tail 124
Spiral Energy Force 128
Pure Yin and Yang Exercises 131

How to Use Relaxation and Integration for Martial Arts
Chapter 7 -Using Energy and Strength In Partnered Practice
The Sphere of Peng 143
Pile Stance Wooden Man Exercise 147
Two Person Vertical Circle Exercise 156
Two Person Horizontal Circle Exercise 159
Working with Strength 161
Neutralizing by Shifting 162
Neutralizing by Rotation 163
Chapter 8 -Using Movement & Stillness To Neutralize
The Uses of Stillness and Movement 169
Nine Pearls Double Exercise 170
Description of Circle Pushing 172
Neutralizing in Free Play 178
The Principle of Relative Motion 182
Advanced Methods of Neutralization 184
Strategies in Pushhands 186
Chapter 9 -Using Stillness & Integration To Discharge
Master Cai's Use Of Stillness 191
Cultivating Jin 192
Neutralize by Hopping with the Frame 194
Level 1: Integration & Cylindricality 196
Level 2: Sphericity & Unitary Expansion 201
Level 3: Spherical Awareness & Peripheral Intentionality 205
Level 4: Empty Force & Interacting Fields of Awareness 209